To Be a Soldier (2018) Run time: n/A Rating: 8.9 Genres: Action,Adventure,Drama,War Director: Adam Dufour Writers: n/A Stars: Jacob Dufour […]

Redcon-1 (2018) Run time: 115 min Rating: 8.2 Genres: Action,Sci-Fi,Thriller,War Director: Chee Keong Cheung Writers: n/A Stars: Oris Erhuero / […]

Parwaaz Hay Junoon (2018) Run time: 130 min Rating: 8.7 Genres: Action,Romance,War Director: Haseeb Hasan Writers: n/A Stars: Hamza Ali […]

Warfighter (2018) Run time: 105 min Rating: 9.4 Genres: Action,Drama,Romance,War Director: Jerry G. Angelo Writers: n/A Stars: Jerry G. Angelo […]