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Coronavirus face masks: an environmental disaster that could last generations

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In China, authorities use drones fitted with loudspeakers to scold people that don’t wear masks outdoors. In South Korea, the us government rationed masks, staggering days when citizens could get a small selection of so there would be all you need for all. Leaders in Hong Kong and Taiwan provide a great example by wearing masks when making public appearances, often flanked with a cadre of mask-wearing staffers.

New Zealanders should instead be following lead of countries like Taiwan and putting them on at malls, universities, supermarkets, workplaces and bars and restaurants whenever they have to get a head with the virus, based on Otago University public health expert Professor Nick Wilson.

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“I believe that most of the public health experts and officials have become well-intentioned, but I think on some level they’re tone deaf,” Kahn said. “When you over-enforce something like mask-wearing, you risk backlash.”

“This is senseless. Over a mask. Over a mask?” Tina James, Munerlyn’s cousin, told CNN affiliate WJRT. “This isn’t technique of doing things today. We need to get together.”

custom face mask

Coronavirus, custom face mask and America’s new fault line

Four months of discord in regard to the coronavirus epidemic have transformed the cloth mask in to a potent political symbol, touted by Democrats being a key part of communal responsibility, labeled by some GOP leaders as being a sign of government overreach and as a scarlet letter pinned on the weak.

The research Dr. Redfield cited included a recently published study suggesting that universal utilization of surgical masks helped reduce rates of confirmed coronavirus infections among health-care workers at the Mass General Brigham health-care system in Massachusetts.


Part of the belief that individuals have been wearing more masks in China and Hong Kong within this outbreak is because of their recent memories of some other deadly contagions.